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Explore the CARDIOHELP System for cardiac support and respiratory assistance

Alarm output
The alarm output can be used either for a ward call system or a vibration pad, e.g. during transportation.

Power supply
The CARDIOHELP power supply is always guaranteed. With the mains power supply connection and the DC power supply, CARDIOHELP can be used with all voltages and currents worldwide. In the absence of mains power, a battery pack provides emergency power for up to 90 minutes on a fully charged battery.

Data recording
Online data recording, e.g. via JOCAP XL is possible. CARDIOHELP is also able to store data for 3 days due to offline recording.

Rotary knob
This knob is used to adjust the flow.

The special frame made of EPDM rubber protects CARDIOHELP and the attached HLS Module against damage. For adjustment of the HLS Module, the back part of the frame has to be folded upwards.

HLS Module Advanced 7.0
This is the first disposable product with an integrated gas exchanger with diffusion membrane, an integrated cutting edge centrifugal pump, integrated sensors and the capability to measure blood parameters.

Venous Probe
The high-tech Venous Probe measures venous oxygen saturation, hemoglobin, hematocrit and venous temperature. Up until now, these parameters could only be measured with an external blood gas analyzer or a sensor positioned in the extracorporeal circuit. The Venous Probe is available with CARDIOHELP-iX and fits to the HLS Module Advanced 7.0 and HLS Module Advanced 5.0.

Internal sensors
Unprecedented integrated sensors are an important feature of the HLS Modules:

- Venous pressure (Pven ) at the inlet of the VAD pump
- Internal pressure (Pint ) inbetween pump and gas exchanger
- Arterial pressure (Part ) at the outlet of the gas exchanger
- Arterial temperature (Tart ) at the outlet of the gas exchanger
The connection cable transmits all data to the display of CARDIOHELP.

External sensors
- 4 external pressure sensors
- 2 external temperature sensors
- Level sensor

Flow and bubble sensor
To provide a high level of safety, two bubble sensors can be connected to CARDIOHELP. Furthermore one bubble sensor acts as a clamp-on device to measure blood flow.

With a weight of approx. 10 kg CARDIOHELP is small, light and easily portable by one person. The CARDIOHELP Emergency Drive can be fixed to the handle by a click-mechanism.

User Interface
The CARDIOHELP display is a user-friendly touchscreen which can be intuitively operated. Thanks to three different software versions, different applications can be handled.


The CARDIOHELP System is a circulatory and/or pulmonary support system used both inside and outside the hospital environment and during transport. The System is used during procedures requiring blood oxygenation and carbon dioxide removal for up to six hours.
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