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CARDIOHELP System (JPG, 1.1 MByte)

CARDIOHELP System: the most compact and lightweight heart-lung support system is available for all treatments requiring a mechanical circulatory support for cardiac and/or pulmonary support or a CO2 reduction.


CARDIOHELP System (JPG, 768 KByte)

The CARDIOHELP System provides a mechanical circulatory support for the cardiopulmonary support.

Cardiopulmonary Support - Veno-arterial Cannulation

Cardiopulmonary Support - Veno-arterial Cannulation (JPG, 411 KByte)

The venovenous use of the CARDIOHELP System relieves the heart and lungs and ensures sufficient blood circulation and effective oxygen supply.

Cath Lab - CARDIOHELP and CS 300

Cath Lab - CARDIOHELP and CS 300 (JPG, 1.3 MByte)

Connecting the patient to the portable CARDIOHELP System relieves the heart during a treatment, guarantees sufficient blood circulation, and gains time for medical staff for revascularization.

Pulmonary Support - Veno-venous Cannulation

Pulmonary Support - Veno-venous Cannulation (JPG, 404 KByte)

The veno-venous use of the CARDIOHELP System ensures an effective oxygen supply when the heart is still able to pump blood through the circulatory system.

Transport - CARDIOHELP System 1

Transport - CARDIOHELP System 1 (JPG, 1.1 MByte)

CARDIOHELP is the first truly portable heart-lung support system it is approved for both ground and air transport. During transport the system guarantees an adequate supply of oxygen and a reduction in blood CO2 level.


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